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Jun 07 2014

Bucket List – Part 2

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I don’t like to run. Never have. Used to hate it in gym class. Have tried it over and over again throughout the years.

But one day, I decided that I was going to start training and do a 5k.

With a great running partner on my team, and Brad cheering me on every step of the way (including getting me some awesome shoes and socks that made running feel like walking on clouds…well, almost), I started training.

Our first day we ran for 30 seconds and then walked for 1 minute. Over the next few weeks, the running got longer, and the walking got less. I was reminded again about why I don’t like running.

One big motivating factor as I tied my shoes for every run was Brad….and a friend’s little boy who is battling cancer. Brad has run marathons but at the time I started running, he wasn’t able to walk around the block. My friend’s son was undergoing chemo treatments and blood transfusions. He had to stay inside, his legs would buckle under him and he couldn’t play with this friends. These two guys, for very different reasons, weren’t able to do even the simple task of getting up, taking a walk and being ok afterwards.

So we had shirts made that would remind us about who we were running for. And we stuck to our training.

We picked the Color Vibe to entice us with the additional fun that would keep us motivated on the day of the run. There was music and people threw colored powder all over each other. Our family and friends cheered us on. We’d never actually ran the entire length of the course without stopping. But somehow that day, the weather was cool, we felt strong and we did it!! It was a lot of fun….and although it’s a very, very small accomplishment – we stuck to it and got it done. Brad has since then started jogging and my friend’s little boy keeps on fighting…and smiling.

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May 07 2014

Bucket List – Part 1

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When I was 16, I asked my mom if I could get a tattoo. At the time, the answer was no. When I told her this past Christmas that I was ready to get one now, she said “you’ve been waiting for 20 years, go ahead”.

I’d been thinking about what I wanted for several years. It obviously had to have meaning. Something that looked unique. And on a place that I could hide if necessary, but still be visible anytime I wanted to see it.

After much thought and some research (plus my brother-in-law finding/recommending a very talented tattoo artist), I made the commitment to get it done and settled on the hibiscus flower. To me, it reminds me of a time in my life when there was love, peace and joy. Brad and I honeymooned in Hawaii and hibiscus flowers were all around us wherever we looked. He actually has a pic of me with a hibiscus flower behind my ear on his desk.

In any case, we’ve had a rough year of medical challenges, worries and sadness – I needed a reminder that there is hope, that our love will prevail and that happiness will return.

So with my sister-in-law and brother-in-law in tow for moral support, I got inked! And I love it. It reminds me of all that was good back then…..and all the goodness that will come surely again.

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Oct 02 2010

School Fundraiser — get your holiday wrapping paper today!!

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Ready to start your holiday shopping? Well, Sophie’s school certainly is encouraging us to do just that. They are holding a fundraiser where 40% of the profits go to the school.

If you are so inclined, please check out the following website and enter our school code to see the various items available. and enter the school code: 105484. The next page you’ll come to will ask you to enter the “sellers name”…please enter: R382408F (that’s Sophie’s number which tracks how many orders there are under her name).

You can choose from gift wrapping, chocolates, magazines/books and/or gourmet food items. If you do choose something, you can pay with your credit card and the order will be shipped directly to your home.

Please know that there is absolutely no pressure to buy anything, just wanted to offer it up.

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Sep 29 2010

A new breakfast option

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One of Brad’s yoga friends from twitter is a nutritionist who was nice enough to study his food logs over a 2 week period and give some very valuable and easy to implement recommendations. While we cook at home at least 5 days a week and thought we were doing well in regards to lean meats, lots of veggies and mostly healthy options, it turns out that we are still quite carb-heavy and could use even more leafy greens.

One of the suggestions she had was to make these breakfast smoothies….with kale and spinach. I know, doesn’t sound very tasty, but you get to add whatever fruit you’d like and even a bit of honey for sweetness if you so desire. Ready for a new adventure in eating, hoping for a little weight loss and liking this option to add more greens to our diet, we gave it a try on Sunday morning. And guess what?…..they’re yummy!!! We’ve been making these every morning this week and while we’re still trying out different fruit combinations, we are pleasantly surprised with how tasty and filling they are.

Here’s the recipe in case you want to try it out yourself:
- 2 cups of frozen or fresh fruit (feel free to mix 2 different kinds of fruit, 1 cup each)
- 1 cup filtered water (you can substitute juice but that’ll add some sugar)
- 2 big leaves of fresh kale (stems removed)
- 2 big handfuls of fresh spinach
- 1 heaping tablespoon of Chia seeds

You may have to blend the greens in slowly. Put the chia in last on a low setting as not to crush them. We add a little flaxseed oil. If you’re not using juice, you can add a little honey or sweetener.

Thank you so very much Lo!! For more from Lo, check out her site,

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Sep 29 2010

For Sale

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Trying to unload some extra “stuff” that’s taking up room and could benefit someone else, I am selling my maternity clothes and breast milk pump…..know anyone? I’ll make them a great deal!

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Aug 02 2010

Do you know what’s in your food?

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We’ve been a Netflix family for many years now. We love the convenience of being able to choose which movie we’d like to see and not be tied to movie times that might not always mesh with what’s happening in our lives at that moment. Furthermore, it saves us a ton of money as we can get unlimited movies for only $15/month, while one movie ticket out here can run you about $12.

While we have 2 separate queues, since our movie preferences are quite different, I did convince Brad to watch my latest selection – “Food, Inc.” with me last night. His initial response (which I actually also heard from quite a few others that I asked if they’d seen this flick) was: “I’d rather not know”.

Having read that the movie was a realistic and therefore frightful look into how our food is made and what it’s actually composed of, did indeed seem like it might leave us never wanting to eat again – but the way I look at it, being uninformed/ignorant about it might be even worse.

So, last night we took a chance and watched it. And we were shocked. And saddened. And angry. And enlightened. I won’t spoil it for you because I’d really encourage you to watch it yourself but here’s what we’ve committed to doing:
- Eat less meat
- Buy more at local Farmer’s Markets
- Read even more food labels

So, check it out yourself….you owe it to your health….and the agricultural future depends on you to take a stand.

On a different note….I am soooo excited and looking forward to “Eat, Pray, Love” coming out soon!! I absolutely loved the book and of course, Julia being my favorite actress, this one I am going to have to break my own rules and see it as soon as it’s released…in the movie theater…with a box of Bon-Bons in hand:)

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Mar 02 2010

The “Plympics” (as Brad calls them)

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Every two years, our household experiences a 2-week window of extreme “country rivalry” and competitive comments made about anything and everything we can think of to make our own native homelands sound, look or seem better. This year’s winter Olympics was no different. During the opening ceremonies, while I was utterly embarrassed by the horrible color choices and outfits of the German athletes making their way into the stadium (seriously?!?!??!), Brad suggested we have a bet on total medal count at the end of the games. Thinking that I should have a fairly decent shot, considering that winter sports are a major past-time of many Germans, I took the bet and announced my reward to be a week’s worth of back massages from Brad. Brad ended up never coming up with what his prize should be in the case he won, but we immediately started tracking the daily metal counts, poking fun of each other and cringing every time the others’ country won. Well, for those of you who followed the games, you now know that I lost. It’s disappointing yes, but then again, considering how much larger this country is in both population and space, not sure it was a fair bet to take on after all.

More importantly that our bet though, I wanted to write this post to say  a few things about “national pride” and what these Olympics once again reminded me of. Anyone that knows me well, knows that I am deeply ashamed by my country’s history and tend to avoid the topic of our past as much as I can. I don’t even watch movies that have to do with our history, the Nazi regime or the wars – I by no means want to push what we did under the rug or believe that we shouldn’t learn from those mistakes, but continuing to bring it to the forefront through movies or tv shows, I simply can’t bring myself to support those efforts. At the same time of feeling this guilt, I am also quite protective and proud of the great accomplishments in science, technology and environmental advances we’ve made. I have not and don’t ever plan to give up my German citizenship. I speak to my daughter in German and am committed to not only teaching her the language but also about its culture and traditions. I plan on taking her for visits as often as feasible to stay connected with her German relatives and experience the country first-hand. She has a German (and American) passport.

“National pride” is something that most Germans today don’t feel or ever show. We know better.  We simply can’t. You would be hard pressed to find a German flag, t-shirt or coffee mug with the German flag on it (even as a souvenir). Watching the German athletes these past 18 days however – seeing how they came together as a team, as a competitor, as a country – I couldn’t help but feel excited for them; to feel like their hard work put into excelling at their craft was ok to be shown to the world and it was ok to cheer them on and maybe even be proud of. I can’t help where I was born. I can’t change the past. I have wonderful parents who taught me to see the good in everyone, to forgive mistakes and to focus on what each of us can do to make this world better.  I try to live with one foot planted firmly in where I come from, not ever forgetting that part of my upbringing and how that’s made me who I am today, but also with one foot in the future where I have the opportunity to make good choices, raise thoughtful & caring individuals and find a way to have a positive impact.

So, to wrap up – congrats to the US for winning the medal count. Congrats to Canada for putting on a fabulous Olympics. And Congrats to all athletes who worked incredibly hard to even make it to this level of competition – medal or not, your dedication and commitment to being the best you can be is certainly an inspiration to me.

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Sep 21 2009

A worthy cause

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This year marks the 4th year I will be participating in the “Light the Night Walk” to honor my grandmother Ruth who passed away due to leukemia and all the others struggling with the disease.

Due to a friend’s wedding, I actually won’t be able to walk this year but am still very interesting in raising funds for this worthy cause. I know times are tough and everyone has something that they support, I would however so very much appreciate any support you can lend. Simply click on the following link to make a donation:

Thank you so very, very much!!

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Aug 20 2009

Tour de Fright

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Ride your bike for  a good cause!  My brother, Brian, has partnered with Hopeful Lutheran Church, Bromley Christian Church, and a whole slew of generous and well-known Cincinnati/NKY area sponsors to host a fun, family bike ride October 17th called The Tour de Fright. There will be food, activities, a costume contest, and two bike rides of different lengths. Nearly all of the proceeds will benefit United Ministries of Northern Kentucky.  Visit for more details and to register for the ride.


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Jun 18 2009

“Broken ming” and a brand-new baby girl

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Dada and Bophie headed to the park this morning where the one thing that she talks about as soon as she recognizes where she is and loves the most right now (the “ming”, aka: swing) was broken. Dada did his best to explain that because the swing was broken, Sophie wouldn’t be able to use it today. He did his best to distract her and all she could do was stare and try to process. After about 5 minutes, she turned her back, started to walk away and has said “broken ming” every 3 minutes since then. All afternoon…and into the evening. Even when Dada told her in the car: “Sophie, I love you”, she responded with: “broken ming”.

In other, and much, much happier news, our dear friends Mark & Faleena finally got to meet their baby girl last night. Caitlin Marie was born at 10:44pm, weighing 8lbs, 1oz and is doing great. We had the pleasure of meeting her today — she looked us right in the eye and through her hiccups, let us know that she was going to be a lot of fun to be around. Congrats you guys!!

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