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Oct 07 2013

Mister Man – Fall 2013

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You love to read. You love to play. You love to build. You love to eat (fruits are still on top of the list). You love to act silly. You want to do everything Sophie does. And you make us laugh with your funny sayings — “listen guys, I have to tell you something” or “Are you kidding me?”

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Aug 27 2013

Soccer Clay

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Saturday marked Clay’s very first soccer lesson. And also the third straight day that he wore his soccer socks!! After getting them on Thursday night, he refused to take them off. By the time the actual practice came around on Saturday, he could barely contain himself.

It was a super hot day, but Mister Man did fabulous! He listened, did his best, even kicked the ball a few times and proudly told everyone afterwards that he was now a soccer player!!

We look forward to seeing how this goes….

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Jul 15 2013

Clay turns 3

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Five of Clay’s little school friends joined us for a backyard BBQ/Swim party and it was great fun! There was lots of splashing, some sand castle building, some being silly, some cupcake and sundae eating….and of course…presents!

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Jun 26 2013

Potty training and a big reward!

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We started talking to you about going to the potty around the 2.5 year mark. You’d listen to us read you books about it, would watch Sophie go (and always remind her to “wash hands”) and smile at us when we told you that you too should start going on the toilet. You’d even indulge us by sitting on the toilet every now and again but with no results. Then, one day, you decided to actually go. We all cheered, clapped and made a really big fuss over it. You were so very proud of yourself and beamed from ear to ear. But…that was that. Next time we asked if you needed to go, you simply said: “I already did Mama” — and that was that.

We kept encouraging you and about 2 months before your 3rd birthday, we decided to get serious. We got you some Star Wars underwear and told you that you’d be rewarded with a chocolate treat, every time you’d go on the toilet. With reminders on the hour, every hour and a lot of extra laundry, you started to at least give it a try. Over a two week period, you would sit and go on a fairly regular basis. You loved putting on underwear and would tell anyone that listened that you were now a big boy, with big boy underwear, going to the big boy potty.

After a consistent three weeks, we decided to get the big reward — a blue, big boy bed!! You were so very, very excited to pick it out, so very, very excited to see us put it together and so very, very excited to sleep in it.

Good job Mr. Clay-Boy!! You did it!!

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Oct 15 2012

Distant memory

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It seems like summer was so long ago but here are a few memories from September

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Aug 12 2012

Turning 2

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One major reason to move to the midwest was to be closer to family and make spending important events together a bit easier.

Clay’s second birthday was our first chance to invite the KY family for an afternoon of grilling out, water fun and of course…..the cake. “Auto” continues to be our little man’s favorite word so it was only fitting to make him a cake in the shape of one. The smile on his face and hearing his little voice yell out loud — auto!!!! — was totally worth the sugar rush we’d all have to deal with later that night.

All the cousins and our closest friends had a fun time enjoying the weather, the sprinklers and each others’ company. Not sure Clay really quite understood what was happening but he beamed from ear to ear when everyone sang “happy birthday” to him!

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Apr 04 2012

First haircut

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He did great!

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Mar 18 2012

Catching up

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Sophie started soccer a few months back and has really gotten a hang of it. She plays Saturday mornings at the YMCA and her team is the Blizzards. She really likes her coach and three weeks ago she scored her first goal….followed by 4 more!! She’s always loved to run so this is a great sport for her. And the smile on her face when she scores is just priceless. She always runs over to us to make sure we saw it and to get a hug. She does also get frustrated though when others score or she misses…it’s definetly a learning process for her to start to understand the concept of a team sport, doing your best and not being a drama queen:)

We’ve been having beautiful weather for many weeks now which means we spent at least 2 hours every afternoon/early evening outside playing in the yard or with the neighbor kids. Chalk and bubbles are a big hit and riding the scooter down the street. Clay’s even been trying to figure out the tricycle so we need to adjust the setting ASAP so he can actually peddle.

Today was in the low 70′s so we got our patio furniture down from the attic, lit the tiki torches (to keep the mosquitos away) and let the kiddos open the sandbox. The snow melt and a few night time rain showers have left the backyard a bit of a wetland though and eventually Clay snuck off the patio and ran right into the biggest puddle. We just couldn’t bring ourselves to keep him from it and soon Sophie joined it — they had the absolute best time!

Finally, while it’s certainly not always peaceful, these two little people are really starting to figure out how to play together and love being really close. Around 3pm every day, Clay runs to the window, points out and asks “Ati”? That’s what he calls her and I think he’s telling me it’s time to go pick her up. She also loves to pretend like he’s one of her students at school and is so caring and gentle when they play.

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Feb 26 2012


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….there was enough snow to play!!

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Feb 14 2012

Happy Valentine’s Day

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…..oh, and we finally had some snow!

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