May 18 2015

Meet Josie

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This little lady joined our family about 3 weeks ago and she’s settled in well.

We had been talking about getting a pet for a while but we’re quite ready for the commitment of a dog just yet. Plus, we enjoy our weekend get-aways out of town and a cat is easier in those situations too.

We got Josie when she was 5 weeks and we’re all really enjoying her. She sleeps a lot but she’s always ready to play with the kiddos when they’re home. She’s very playful in general, especially when we’re ready to go to sleep at night!

The kids are good about feeding her and checking on the “glitter” box (as Clay calls it). They sing to her whenever they think it’s time for her nap and make special beds for her.

We look forward to many fun memories with Josie Riddell!

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