Jun 07 2014

Bucket List – Part 2

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I don’t like to run. Never have. Used to hate it in gym class. Have tried it over and over again throughout the years.

But one day, I decided that I was going to start training and do a 5k.

With a great running partner on my team, and Brad cheering me on every step of the way (including getting me some awesome shoes and socks that made running feel like walking on clouds…well, almost), I started training.

Our first day we ran for 30 seconds and then walked for 1 minute. Over the next few weeks, the running got longer, and the walking got less. I was reminded again about why I don’t like running.

One big motivating factor as I tied my shoes for every run was Brad….and a friend’s little boy who is battling cancer. Brad has run marathons but at the time I started running, he wasn’t able to walk around the block. My friend’s son was undergoing chemo treatments and blood transfusions. He had to stay inside, his legs would buckle under him and he couldn’t play with this friends. These two guys, for very different reasons, weren’t able to do even the simple task of getting up, taking a walk and being ok afterwards.

So we had shirts made that would remind us about who we were running for. And we stuck to our training.

We picked the Color Vibe to entice us with the additional fun that would keep us motivated on the day of the run. There was music and people threw colored powder all over each other. Our family and friends cheered us on. We’d never actually ran the entire length of the course without stopping. But somehow that day, the weather was cool, we felt strong and we did it!! It was a lot of fun….and although it’s a very, very small accomplishment – we stuck to it and got it done. Brad has since then started jogging and my friend’s little boy keeps on fighting…and smiling.

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