Apr 04 2012

A visit from Moni & Peter

Published by Tina at 5:35 am under The Family

We were very lucky this past weekend to have a visit from my aunt and uncle. I remember many great summers staying at their house….Moni always had fun adventures planned for us – one day it’d be working in the vegetable garden, or we’d go on a bike trip to a local lake and have a picnic there or we’d have a hike in the wine vineyards behind their house. One of my favorite memories with Moni is sitting at her kitchen table stamping Tupperware catalogs.

While they were here we had Sophie’s last soccer game, took a trip to Oswego to watch Brad’s students shoot their webisodes and of course did lots of outside play and reading stories.

Thanks for making the extra trip to come see us!!

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  1. Chrison 20 Apr 2012 at 2:40 pm

    This was the closest evidence I could find to a UK-winning-the-championship post… Brad wearing UK gear. Nothing on the bradriddell.com site, either! You’ve changed, Brad.

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